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Lawyer Service

Employees and business people immigrating to Costa Rica

Immigration to Costa Rica has become popular over the past decade. Costa Rica offers a set of facts - best circumstances that make it a unique place to retire, invest, live and live quietly, travel, work or study. Our Costa Rican immigration services from our partner agencies include assessments from Costa Rica's most qualified immigration attorneys who provide prospective immigrants with timely advice and in-depth assistance in obtaining or establishing their residency status in Costa Rica under Costa Rican immigration law.

All residency applications in Costa Rica are subject to Costa Rica Immigration Law, which is subject to constant review. This particular situation requires that all of our attorneys, qualified professionals, are up to date with the current residency and immigration regulations of the country of Costa Rica. All applications are reviewed by the immigration authorities and ultimately approved if the immigration requirements are met. Check with our Costa Rica Immigration Procedures Specialists, the immigration regulations applicable to different regimes and the immigration advice we can offer for your chosen procedure.

Fiscal domicile in Costa Rica:
You can do the paperwork in your country of origin to prove that you are a permanent resident of Costa Rica and therefore have a fiscal domicile in this country.

Costa Rican Driver’s License, Buy and Sell Cars
Residents may have their foreign driver's license recognized and obtain a Costa Rican driver's license.

Opening personal bank accounts:
Most banks require legal residence in Costa Rica to open personal bank accounts (and those that do not place restrictions on non-domiciled foreign accounts).

Legal permanence:
It is no longer required to be leaving and re-entering Costa Rica from time to time ("visa runs") to renew the time of legal permanence.

Access to credit:
Banks and financial institutions do not offer credit lines for non-resident foreigners.


People receiving a state pension (old age, disability or military), permanent, for life and for an amount of at least USD $1,000 per month (retired persons).

People with a monthly income (regular own income) permanent, stable, durable, equivalent to USD $2,500.

People who prove they have invested in Costa Rica (acquisition of assets) an amount equivalent to or greater than USD $200,000.

Our Costa Rican Immigration Services Immigration legal advice is provided by local lawyers and professionals with the support of WILANI LTD which has now become a solid reference point for providing professional services in Costa Rica. Please write us an email

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